The mobile phone application will only run on Android devices with an external SD Card

Downloading from Google Play

1. From your device’s application drawer, choose the Play Store.
2. Search for “ODK” and choose “ODK Collect” from “Open Data Kit.

Google play ODK

3. Select ODK colllect and click the install button. Click “OK”after viewing the security settings.

4. An ODK collect icon will appear on the mobile phone once installation is completed.

ODK Icon

Configuring the application.

By clicking on the icon, ODK Collect opens with the screen below.

Configuring ODK 1

Click on the rigt to corner to open the “General Settings”.

ODK general settingsSelect “General Settings”.

ODK platform settingSelect “Configure platform setting”

Platform URLSelect “URL”.

Provide server nameEnter the address of your server and click “OK “.

UserNameODKSelect “Username”.

Enter User NameEnter the Username. In this case it is “Enumerator” with data collection rights only.

ODK PasswordSelect “Password” and enter the password for the enumerator. Close the form and go back to the main screen.

How to download the form from the server in the cloud.

Get Blank form

Connect your phone to the internet (Wifi or mobile phone connection).

Click “Get Blank Form”. Your mobile phone will connect with your server in the cloud.

Get Landing surveyToggle the form to download and click “Get Selected”.

Landing survey downloadedThe forms are successfully downloaded click “OK”.

Using the application in the field

Have a look at the video film