After the application has been created you can login for the first time. For this you need:

  1. The name of the administrator used to create the system.
  2. The first time login password for the administrator, which is ‘aggregate’.

During the installation a new folder ‘ODK aggregate’ has been created on your computer.

ODK aggregate folderOpen the folder “ODK Aggregate”

OpenReadmeODKDouble click the “README” file .

firsttimelogin1Here the web address of the application on your server is provided. https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.appspot.com
Double click on ‘the web address’ for the first time log in.


Your application will open automatically. But please note the message ‘This server and its data are not secure! Please change the super user’s password! The website is still public and anybody can login and look at the data.

Click on “Log in” in the right top corner.


Click on “Sign in with Aggregate password”.

firsttimelogin4Enter the name of the administrator you entered during the installation of ODK and the password for the first time you login is “aggregate”.

select site admin

Go to “Site Admin” to change the password of the administrator .


Please note that the administrator has all the rights for management of the system.Click “Change Password”.


Enter the new password for the system administrator and click “Change Password”.

Do not forget to write down the password!

Other users such as enumerators can be added similarly by the admistrator.
Login on the sever.
Go to “Site Admin”.

AddEnumeratorAdd the name and click “Add”.

Change password Enumerator

Toggle for the Enumerator “Data Collector” only.

Change the password and “Save the changes”.