The system

The mobile Phone application was developed with the free software of OPEN DATA KIT (ODK);

Tailor made forms for the mobile phone are designed in ODK and stored on a country specific server in the cloud;

  • The forms are downloaded on the mobile phone or tablet;
  • Data is collected at the landing sites and stored on the mobile phone memory;
  • At the end of the sampling day, a connection is made with the internet through the mobile phone network and newly collected data are send to the country specific server in the cloud;
  • Once a week, the fisheries statistics office connects with the server in the cloud and download the collected data of all landing sites into a database.

The mobile phone application is user’s friendly, very easy to apply and leads to almost real time information on the small scale fisheries monitored. The operational costs of the system are low and are only related to the payment of the enumerators and the SIM card subscription.

Have a look film

Building a mobile phone application for fisheries data collection with ODK is not too complicated. All the information needed can be found on the ODK website.

This website summarises the practical issues and provides practical examples.

Good luck

Gertjan de Graaf