Step 3: Install ODK on the server in the cloud

You have to prepare the computer(s) you will use to set up the whole system;

First you have to install Java 7 or higher for windows.

Go to java website and download Java and just follow the instructions.

Before you continue it is strongly recommended that you set up the folders and sub folders for the whole system.

Below an example;

CSV files: The sub folder where Comma Separated Files (CSV) with data from the mobile phone application will be stored.

Fisheries Database: The sub folder for the Fisheries data base for storing and analyses of collected data.

Images for mobile phone application: The sub folder for all the images for the mobile phone application.

ODK files: The subfolder for the ODK files

ODK forms: The subfolder for the mobile phone application forms.

Folders and subfolders

To install ODK:

Download ‘ODK Aggregate v1.4.xx windows installer’ from the ODK website .

DownloadODK installer

Click on ‘Download’ and then on ‘Run’Download ODK

The ODK install screen will pop up Click on ‘Next’.

ODK istall next

Accept the Terms of agreement and click ‘Next’.       

Install ODK 1

Select the folder where you want to install the ODK files.

Install ODK 2

Select the first option. This will install the cloud based system and click “Next”.

Install ODK 3

Enter the name of your institute, department or organisation and click “Next”.

Install ODK 4

Provide the name of the administrator of the system (without spaces) and click “Next”.

Install ODK 5

Enter the ID of the application engine you created previously: “openartfishyourcountry”

Install ODK 6

Click “Next”

Install ODK 7


Install ODK 8Click “Finish” ODK will be installed on your computer, after some minutes the screen below will open.

Get Token

Enter the name of the Gmail account of the system and click “Get Token”.
If you are running more then one Gmail account on your computer,  then you have to select the account for which you created the application.

The screen below will open, copy the code.

Copy and paste ODK code

Paste the code in the application form and click “OK”

Enter the ODK code

In the next screen click on “Upload ODK aggregate”

upload odk aggregate

After a while you will see the message “status: Action succeeded!”
Congratulations, you created your statistics server in the cloud!

Upload ODK aggregate succeeded