Step 2: Create fisheries statistics Application Engin.

You have to create a Google app engine which is linked to your Google account. Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centersĀ  (ref: Wiki).

AppEngine is considered a “less secure application” usage by Gmail. You need to enable reduced security levels during the running of the upload script, before you go to the next steps.

Sign in to the Gmail account and click on ‘Connected apps & sites’.

Sign in Gmail to change security

Switch on ‘Allow less secure app’.
Without this you will not be able to create the application!

Less secure apps

less secure apps on

Now the application can be created.


You will be automatically directed to the page below.

create app engine 1

Confirm your email address and the page below opens.

create appengin 2 final

Click on ‘Google Developers Console’.

create appengin 3 finalClick on “Create an empty project”.

create appengin 4 final

Provide a name for your application, check the boxes and create the application.

create appengin 5 final

Congratulations, The application is created!

Write down the ID: ‘openartfishyourcountry’ of your application.

This is needed for installing ODK on your computer and on your server in the cloud.